“Bittersweet Memories” reprinted in the May 2016 issue #6 of Bloodbond.

In order of most recent to oldest:

A meek werewolf struggles to assert her ideals in a world of harsh realities. Available Farstrider Magazine, issue One. Issue One is here, the specific story is linked here.

“Enjoy the Present” in Heart, Body, Soul from The New Smut Project. (Available in Ebook form and Print)
I received a naked man on my first Christmas away from home…

“Hue of Resolution” in The Death God’s Chosen from Deepwood Publishing
Rick opened the oversized refrigerator and saw his dead girlfriend. Her bulk forced the condiments against the sides, and the shelves had been stacked behind the Manzorr XL industrial fridge. “Not again,” he mumbled. “Come on, get out of there.” His girlfriend groaned and dragged her cold carcass out. She twisted her blue lips and rubbed her white eyes…

- “The Wind Between the Worlds” in Lorelei Signal, available online
The Night Wind blew through the fissure between worlds and cooled Alicia Greenman’s fevered brow. Her body trembled with desire, lips moistened at the thought of fresh meat…

- Shade of Melancholy in This Mutant Life: Bad Company. Kalamity Press (available in print and kindle)
“I stalked down the darker side of the alley, huddled close against my fellow shadows…”

- The Waitress and the Serpent Priest in Locothology Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction 2012 from Loconeal Publishing (available in print)
“I kicked open the swinging door and locked eyes with my favorite customer. Andrea looked like a plump princess…”

- The Death Mount’s Rider in Issue 56 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. (available in print, PDF, mobi and epubform.)
“A shadow tore across the desert, trailing green flame…”

- Cold Powers in Issue 1 of Plasma Frequency Magazine. (available in kindle or pdf)
“It began with a speck in the distance…”

- Lizzy Viscera and the Quest for the Perfect Sandwich in Cast of Wonders,episode 44, July 13th 2012. (free online podcast)
“Lizzy Viscera, necromancer, master of life and death, zipped up her Lisa Frank backpack.”

- Bittersweet Memories in Cover of Darkness. January 2012. (available in print)
“I was almost seventeen when I died. It was April 30, 1956, half an hour after sunset, when the bus crashed. That must mean I’ve been around for seventy years now. It feels more like a thousand…”

- A Thanksgiving Tale in Bards and Sages Quarterly. October 2011, Issue III, Volume 4. (Available in print and kindle )
“Tammy Knocker was struck by the unreality of her situation, fifty pounds of loose soil, and half a support beam…”

- Social Parasite in Drabblecast Audiozine. September 9, 2010, B-Sides 12. (free online Podcast)
“I, Commander Cody Pendant, am asking you, Chief Neo-Eugenicist Shahven Ishtpig the Third, one last time,” the Aryan commander tossed back a shot of vodka. The glass shattered against the wall, “is Project Minnesota Condor ready?” He impatiently tapped his gun…”

- Drinking Problem in New Myths. March 2010, Issue 10. (Free and online)
“Melissa was self-conscious, as any surviving gorgon would be…”

- Chick Food in A Thousand Faces: The Quarterly Journal of Superhuman Fiction. Fall 2009, Issue 10. (Print and PDF available on and
“Sandra Cochlin slunk into the restaurant in loose clothes that revealed nothing and suggested everything…”